LANTRA Driver Training

LANTRA driver training in Scotland

Lantra Certificated 4x4 Off Road Driver Training Course available at our Winton Castle home or throughout Scotland and Northumberland.

Anyone driving an off-road vehicle will benefit from our targeted courses.

You may be looking to update your skills or get on board with the latest health and safety regulations. Perhaps you want to practise driving across challenging terrain or mastering your vehicle in difficult weather conditions. Whatever your needs, our courses will get your off road driving skills up to speed.

All our courses are aimed at 4x4 drivers and in particular modern day pick ups but we are more than happy to provide training for other 4x4 vehicles.

The finer details

We have two LANTRA certificated options available:

Option 1

Option 2

Principles of Off Road Vehicle Operating

Ideal if you're only looking to tackle basic off road challenges. Geared for driving in normal conditions, you'll only be facing a limited range of obstacles. There will be risk, but it's kept to a minimum.

Operating Vehicles in Off Road Adverse Conditions

This is all about mastering more severe tests, including tough weather conditions. It will challenge both you and your vehicle, with a wide range of obstacles to tackle. You’ll also learn how to identify and manage risk safely.

The courses involve key theory and practical sessions:

If you've already had accredited training, you still might need a refresher course if:

We firmly believe that training should be interesting and engaging. On any Far by Four training course we put the emphasis on practical training and not hours spent in the classroom.