Data Protection Policy

Data Acquisition

FAR by FOUR shall, during our booking process, be provided with the name & contact phone number(s) of people whom wish to undergo training or experiences with FAR by FOUR.
As payments to FAR by FOUR may only be made using PayPal, BACS transfer or cheque, no credit card details shall be required.

Data Usage

FAR by FOUR shall use this data solely for the purposes of driver certification and course booking

Data Protection

The data provided shall be stored on a password-protected computer.
The only person with access to that data shall be Mr. Hugh Roberts, of FAR by FOUR.
In order to ensure the physical integrity of the client/driver data it holds, FAR by FOUR shall carry out regular data back-ups, using an external hard drive, which will be stored in a safe off-site location.

Data Retention

Once driver training/certification or experiences have been conducted, all data provided by shall be retained, on the same computer, solely for the purpose of FAR by FOUR records.

Data Sharing

FAR by FOUR will not pass on any collected information to another party

Data Reporting

FAR by FOUR shall inform affected parties, by e-mail, of any breach of its Data Protection Policy.
For further clarification of any of the above, please contact FAR by FOUR directly.